Saturday, October 3, 2009

Boo! Ahahaha!

So as you may, or more likely, may not know, every year at October, I get to work at the most wonderful place from 6 to Midnight... The Haunted Woods! *thunder*

The Haunted Woods (hereforth abbreviated as THW) is but one of the many projects created by Dave Davis. I'll do another blog post on him. He's elling awesome. Every year, he takes inspiration from the newest fad scary movies and make them reality in the hand made labyrinth that is the woods.

This year, the biggest theme is My Bloody Valentine. We knew this from last July. What we didn't know is how far he would take it! He... built... a... big... freaking... MINE in the middle of the woods! He created tunnels! He created a MAZE out of the ground! It's better than it sounds.

Every year, it's more like he procrastinates on every project. Every year, whatever he was hoping to build, it would never get done. This year, my face was like 8-| for a full twenty minutes. It's THAT good.

But anyway... What do I do at THW? I sell food. Well... my family sells food, I just work for them. We sell burgers and burger type accessories. At one point in the past, we also sold hot dogs. But... those are cheap. Too easy to make. Too... cheap. All anybody wanted to buy were these side orders! So we dropped them from the menu and now our main items, Indian Tacos (or ICBs (Indian Cheeseburgers)) are the top orders.

So what does Dave do this year? Hire somebody that make hot dogs. And nachos. And chili (our trademark, btw). And popcorn. And fountain drinks. And... she's driving away our sales! She's selling all of the snack food that we can't carry! And works less at it, too!

And I can't hate her because she's the nicest person I've ever met!!!


We've been going out of business throughout the year. The only thing that could save us is THW... and... the professional caterers that they've hired are killing us.

I never thought we would ever close down shop.

We've been going solid for twelve years now. I've been with them for nine. We've spent today trying to make our stand look more impressive... but... I'm... pessimistic. To say the best.

Meh. Whatever. I've got another shift to get to now. I'd... better go now.


--Got the Point?

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