Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Unpublished Portfolio: 01

So... first off, let me tell you a little story...

A few months ago, my friend (or whatever you call her) got the idea to pay me for a drawing... but it would have to be "anything I want". I was like "sure!"

What I wasn't expecting was how much effort I would be putting into this.

Or how much drawings I would end up making.

Or how... different the art would end up being like.

I've never drawn stuff like that, let me tell ya. Before, I mean. I guess I should thank her, because I wouldn't have... err... yeah.

Much more mature things than I'd like to admit. Not that it would really change anything... but... that sorta makes Got the Point? my bleached underpants, hm?

Let's take the latest installment, of which I am still working on... Here's the exact words used (copy and paste rules!)

"Hey, Rai!

Guess what!? I've got another job for ya! Lucheek's profile cleaning has given me an idea... I'd like for you to actually draw one of your abandoned storylines for me! Given the theme of Lucheek's cleaning (JACK fancomics, natch), I'd like for it to be "The Wrath of Jack", mkay?
Not just any reimagining, though... I'd like it to be written as if it were canon to your current write up of GTP?! That means Mocula hoodoo-voodoo and whatnot! Secret agents! Whucha!
And yes... I'd like a decent violence level... don't go overboard, but don't get unrealistically underboard, either. That doesn't mean gratuitous blood, though. A "Vega kills Shanic" level of violence. Is that clear enough?
Nudity level? Same as you'd allow in GTP?. I mean, I want it written as if you could shove it into the comic somewhere, so... right.
Same goes for language. That means only about one dammit in the entire thing, if even that.
I'd also like the cameo by JACK to be gone. Or at least noticeably gone. Know'dai mean?
A minimum of 5 pages and a maximum of 15. You can definitely handle that. It's an incredibly short story.
I'd like to see what you'll do with Cass, considering that she's not... you know... anymore. Same with Mynk, considering she was one of Jaccent's first victims in the original story... and now that she can resurrect and is Jack's friend-friend-ifyouknowwhatImean-friend... Yeah.

That's your mission, should you choose to accept. There's $30 in it for ya if you do it right. There's a guarantee of $10... so... you'll get SOMETHING for it, at least.

Last detail: Black and white. Color just wouldn't fit the style.

Okay! Byechas!
^_~/ *wink* g'bie! Rain Sunrise Falls."

So... that's how it goes.
Another thing: She wants me to publish it here and on DA when I'm done with it, and after evaluation. In the meantime, here's a link to the control art of the main character from said storyline: Jaccent.

Just a heads-up of things to come.

--Got the Point?

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