Monday, August 31, 2009

Provo City!!!

Just to let ya'lls know, I'll be heading over to Provo City, Utah to find pieces that I could potentially use for my Fireman costume this Friday. (The Fourth of September)

My mission will be a sucess. I can feel it.

(Man, I really wish there were more craft stores around my area. Literally, the closest store is in Provo.)

I've finally finalized the design, and soon, color will come to the plans. Possibly tomorrow, I'll be ready to put them up onto Deviant Art for all to see.

My thought process to making Fire Man: I wanted a Megaman thingie, and I wanted to make the gimmick of the Robot master to be usable. I also wanted the use of my hands. When it came down to it, my options were of the following: Guts Man, Air Man, Heat Man, Magnet Man, Metal Man, and Fire Man.

Guts Man didn't make it through because I would have stupidly decided to carry a rock around for no good reason. (I suck like that)

Air Man didn't make it through because I would like to have a bit more planning to do that one. I still plan on doing him.

Heat Man didn't make it through because the proportions would have been wierd.

Magnet Man didn't make it because... I don't remember. He looks awesome.

Metal Man didn't because... Because I got better plans for him. They'll just take a bit more time than I've got.

So... Fire Man it is!

Sure, the normal design doesn't have hands, but when have I been known for following preset design?

My Fire Man design was created with love, mushing up four diffferent designs: THIS, THIS, THAT, and... THIS

The inspiration for a Fire Man with hands come from THIS (DANG, that Heat Man is scary lookin'!)

Once again, I'd hope that my Fire Man design does all of those concepts justice!

These thoughts went into making him:

He's supposed to be a waste-disposal unit. An incinerator
He believes anything that causes destruction is evil, but fire is cleansing
He has a ridiculously high sense of honor.
When he was reprogrammed by Dr. Wily, his face was damaged by his own flames.

And... I guess that'll be all!


Bit... Map...

So anyway, I spent most of today making pixel arty sprites for :iconsunrise-falls:, and her new comic that's to be released very soon and, after three hours of continuous work, breath a sigh of relief and hit save.

Cool, right?

So later on, I have the urge to work on them just a little bit more, and to my horror, I found out that I accidentally saved it as a JPEG instead of a Bitmap.

I just single-handedly killed every single bit of work I did all day (and night) in one button click.

I'mma go off and cry somewhere.

It was a BSOD moment.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Revenge of the Fallen


"but Rai! If you would just talk about it, people would stop asking!"
"By George, you're right, annonoymous person that can't possibly exist!"

And so I did. You get what you ask for...

ROTF is a fitting title. "Revenge is mine!" --The Fallen.

It was a horrible movie. I'll be blunt.

However, I enjoyed it. Very VERY muchly. The second time was FAR more enjoyable than the first. I already knew what to expect, and so I wasn't as shocked.

Both times, I had this BIG stupid grin on my face the entire movie. Except for that one part. But I'll get around to that.

Some parts would have been better in print. I mean, to this day, the Arcees are still called the "Arcee Twins" due to how Josh Duhamel shouted their names (For the record, he said "Arcee! Twins! The Decepticon's headed in your direction!")

People keep saying that Devastator should have done more, and I agree. However, I know the exact REASON why he did as little as he did. He was friggin' expensive. In order to do ONE FRAME of his animation, ILM had to use up over 85% of their computers. Some of which burned out BECAUSE of Devvy. However, he did the job he was called on to do; he 'devastated' the pyramid. So... good for him!

You're probably expecting me to have hated the Twins, eh? Sorry. I was neutral with them. They didn't do anything useful to the plot, granted, but they didn't do anything detrimental, either. They were just... there. Their dialogue? I don't know why everybody says they're racist. I just saw them as two goofy lookin', goofy talkin', stupid teenagers. Emphasis on the 'stupid' part. Before the movie came out, at BotCon, I took it upon myself to buy Skids there. On his packaging, it even says that the Twins are stupid! (It also says that Skids THINKS he's the smart one. Go figure) They got the coolest altmode, though. That ice cream truck at the beginning was awesome. I knew it would be when I first saw it a year ago in leaked pictures. When I saw the toy of it at BotCon, I knew it would be mine. Now I've got it, and it looks awesome!

I got distracted there. Woo.

The Autobots got more... how I say... gray area? With this movie. You know that opening scene? In Shanghai? That big scary excavator? Demolishor? He was a caretaker of a SHELTER for SCARED and ALONE Decepticons! It says so right on his box! And that Audi R8 that gets sliced in half by Sideswipe? Sideways? Did he do ANYTHING to the Autobots? I mean... He didn't even shoot back at the Arcees! His only crime was his insignia! The first thing he did when his was found out? He RAN! He was a SCARED DECEPTICON! One of the many that Demolishor was SHELTERING! And back to Demolishor, he was mean, but he didn't do anything to anyone, really. He only transformed when the soldiers found him out and surrounded him. The first thing he does is cause a distraction and get rid of some of the surrounding gunfire. Then he ran. Granted, he did cause a WHOLE lot more damage than Sideways, who only bursted through a building, but my point still stands. His final words, "This planet is not yours for the taking. The Fallen will rise again!" can totally just be interpreted as "Your reign of terror can't last forever. There will come a day when even YOUR spark is extinguished." And he was sorta ambiguous about the whole "Not yours" part. He didn't explicitly say that it was the Decepticon's planet, either...
On the subject of The Fallen, He never did anything particularly villainous. He wants to power his dying planet. The closest star is our Sun. However, Earth has a civillization. How many lightyears away is the next closest star? 4.37? Yeah. I thought so. So he's willing to let ONE planet die for another. Yes, that was a wrong decision, yes I don't want him to make it, but I'm sorta seeing that he's desperate. The other Primes, rather than leaving en masse, died and let their corpses become a secret tomb, where the Matrix of Leadership, which is sorta the KEY for the Solar Harvesters, which creates Energon, which is the main source of power for all Cybertronians (Transformers). (whew!) The Fallen, now with a limited supply of power, (as the Primes created one more of them, and gave all of their power to him, and the Primes all share one power supply,) simply lounges on the starship Nemesis, with a bunch of dying baby Decepticons.


Now on to the subject of Jolt... was he even IN this movie? Seriously. He did absolutely nothing. I've got nothing more to say that's not on this page here: JOLT

Last thing: The part that I didn't grin at: Ravage's death.
That cool cat was awesome! Right up until he chose the WRONGEST time to try to sneak attack the newly kill fetish'd Bumblebee. Seriously. I saw the offending scene at BotCon, and I was like "Oooh! Ravage! Man! He's so awesome, I just wanna--AUAGHTHOPHARGLE!!!"

So without further ado: Here's THIS

Another thing that really ticks me off is the release date for it on DVD and BluRay... October 22nd!
Will it even be OUT OF DOLLAR THEATRES by then!?
(You know I'll totally get it on the first day. I'm predictable like that.)

But That's all I got.

--Got the Point?


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Anime Banzai (The beginning...)

Three months ago, a dude named Lysander told me about this convention called Anime Banzai that's being held in Salt Lake City in October. He told me that I could FINALLY meet somebody from the Internet! But I was all like "cool! But... I'm all convention'd out... Maybe if I feel up to it..."

Last Sunday, it came up again. But not from who I SAW it coming from.

You may know Lauren (As you're pretty much the only person that reads this.). She told me about this convention called Anime Banzai taht's being held in Salt Lake City in October. She told me she would be going. In costume (whether or not I say what that is, is up to her). And I should go too. And I should wear a costume.

I guess I'll see Lysander after all?

But that's not the only reason I'm going FAAAAAR from it.

It's been over a year since I've seen ANYBODY I can call a friend. Technically, I can't call Maddi one. She's called sister. Or cousin. Whatever I'm feeling like at the time. But that's not the point. (But she's usually called Rain. Again, not the point.) I'm feeling pretty jazzed to finally see Lauren again! *coughI'mbeingselfishIcantelldon'ttellmeIalreadyagreecough*

And a costume? Knowing me, it'd probably be some stupid Transformers stuff or something, right?


NOBODY (including myself) expected me to begin a costume of... drumroll, please? ...FIRE MAN!


(I wanted something genuinely Japanese, and not "technically Japanese... if you squint" like Transformers is. Fire Man was the best looking Robot Master in my colony of editors (consisting of exactly two people), so I went with him.)

I current-designed him, and he looks awesome. I can't wait until I finally get my Flame Busters! I've been tossing around ideas for a while now, and Fire Man wasn't one of them. I got inspired when I saw this custom action figure of him: (Side note: My version looks NOTHING like that version.I wanted to be creative :3 However, I DID borrow the design of the fuel tanks on his back, and the rubber tubes coming into his Flame Busters. Because that was just logical.)

I'll eventually post my design up on Deviant Art when I'm ready for it to be unleashed.

Oh! And I'll be uncharacteristically carrying along a Met plushie. Because Mets are AWESOME.

This is all.

--Got the Point?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Just one more hour!

So... late at night, I was debating whether or not to buy this book now or later. I chose now. The book cost 19.85, and I had no rewards dollars with me. (Each reward dollar is equivalent to $5) So after about a half hour of should I or shouldn't I, I decided to go for it.

Not less than ten minutes later, I get an email stating that a sale started on EVERY book they had (New releases included) for 50% off everything. The sale started at midnight. I bought the book at 11:52.


Just wanted to share.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Oh noes! Rai's created ANOTHER blog!

I guess I should start by telling you random uninteresting things about me! So...

Let others know a little more about yourself, re-post this as your name followed by "ology" Then tag 20 people of your choice. Once you have been tagged you can do it and then tag the person that tagged you! (Wait... what the LaRP?)


Salad Dressing of Choice: None (My salads go bare!)

Favorite Sit-Down Restaurant: None (I've never had enough money to make it practical to go to one of those...)

Food I Could Eat for Two Weeks Straight: Rai's Macaroni (I'll never tell my fawesome cooking secrets!)

Pizza Toppings of Choice: Pepperoni

Stuff on Toast: Butter. Cheese if I'm adventurous.


TVs in My House: 3 (How many that work? 1.5)

Color Cell Phone: None

First Text Message in Inbox:

Last Person to Call: Anybody

Lefty or Righty: Right

Ever had anything removed from your body?: Appendix

Last Heavy Thing Lifted: Beds and shelves. ALWAYS the beds and shelves!


Would you want to know the day you will die?: I'd prefer not.

Change your name: Err... what? Um... ....what?

Would you drink an entire bottle of hot sauce?: Nope.

How many pairs of flip-flops?: Absolutely none

Last time you had a run-in with the cops?: The cops are our friends. Josh and Trey are especially awesome.

Last Person talked to in Person: Mom.

Favorite Month: June (The most awesome stuff begins that month!)


Missing someone right now?: Quite a few people, actually...

Mood?: Meh.

Listening to: ...I'd rather not say.

Watching: Never.

Worrying about: The thunder outside...


Last movie watched: Race to Witch Mountain

Smile often?: I'd hope so.

Do you always answer your phone?: Nope. I've never owned one.

If you could change your eye color, what would it be?: Green! (Because I've never seen anybody with green eyes around here)

What flavor do you add to your drink at Sonic?: None. Sonic's are very uncommon around here...

Do you own a digital camera?: Yeppers

Did you ever have a pet fish?: Three of them. The largest of which is named Mr. Spatula

Favorite Christmas song?: Meh.

What’s on your wish list for your birthday?: Awesomely nerdy things. (A pen set would be nice...)

Can you do push ups?: Err... no.

Can you do chin ups?: Also no.

Does the future make you more nervous or excited?: The future's alright. It's the PAST that worries me.

Do you have any saved texts?: What are these "TEXTS" you speak of?

Ever been in a car wreck?: Three seperate times! (Almost deaths #s 3, 4, and 8!)

Do you have an accent?: I have a somewhat unique accent called "Basinese." It's a result of living under a rock in a rocky place in Utah.

What is the last song to make you cry?: I have never cried to music.

Plans tonight?: I just watched JAVGW. It's what I do EVERY Sunday.

Have you ever felt like you hit rock bottom?: One time. It turned out to be poisoning in the air, though. (Almost death #9)

Name 3 things you bought recently?: ROTF Long Haul, A pack of AAAs, and a jug of lactose-free milk.

Have you ever been given roses?: I wish!

Current worry?: My gift to a person gets lost in the mail. It happened before.

Current hate right now?: The black widow infestation of the bathroom has gone nuclear.

Met someone who changed your life: Quite a few, actually. If not for them, I wouldn't be as 'cheerful' or 'interesting' as I am today!

Name 3 people you think might complete this: Maddi, definately. Otherwise, who knows?

What were you doing 12AM last night?: Attempting to sleep through my sleep disorder...

What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up?: ...I'mma get me a sammich.

...and I tag anybody who reads this last sentence...

Good day.


--Got the Point?