Monday, August 31, 2009

Provo City!!!

Just to let ya'lls know, I'll be heading over to Provo City, Utah to find pieces that I could potentially use for my Fireman costume this Friday. (The Fourth of September)

My mission will be a sucess. I can feel it.

(Man, I really wish there were more craft stores around my area. Literally, the closest store is in Provo.)

I've finally finalized the design, and soon, color will come to the plans. Possibly tomorrow, I'll be ready to put them up onto Deviant Art for all to see.

My thought process to making Fire Man: I wanted a Megaman thingie, and I wanted to make the gimmick of the Robot master to be usable. I also wanted the use of my hands. When it came down to it, my options were of the following: Guts Man, Air Man, Heat Man, Magnet Man, Metal Man, and Fire Man.

Guts Man didn't make it through because I would have stupidly decided to carry a rock around for no good reason. (I suck like that)

Air Man didn't make it through because I would like to have a bit more planning to do that one. I still plan on doing him.

Heat Man didn't make it through because the proportions would have been wierd.

Magnet Man didn't make it because... I don't remember. He looks awesome.

Metal Man didn't because... Because I got better plans for him. They'll just take a bit more time than I've got.

So... Fire Man it is!

Sure, the normal design doesn't have hands, but when have I been known for following preset design?

My Fire Man design was created with love, mushing up four diffferent designs: THIS, THIS, THAT, and... THIS

The inspiration for a Fire Man with hands come from THIS (DANG, that Heat Man is scary lookin'!)

Once again, I'd hope that my Fire Man design does all of those concepts justice!

These thoughts went into making him:

He's supposed to be a waste-disposal unit. An incinerator
He believes anything that causes destruction is evil, but fire is cleansing
He has a ridiculously high sense of honor.
When he was reprogrammed by Dr. Wily, his face was damaged by his own flames.

And... I guess that'll be all!


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