Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mossy's Day -- Part 1: "MORNING"

Just a little while ago, I was thinking: I've not written anything in a long while. I mean, I've never liked what I've written ever, but it's just been bugging me. The last thing I wrote was... something that's still on the Interweb somewhere, but am too embarrassed to search for and find it.

In short, I don't like it at all.

But the point of this post is this: Maybe I can write things? So I thought up a short story about Mossy. Something that I most likely wouldn't write in comic form because it wouldn't work the same way.

So, without further ado, this is...

"Mossy's Day -- Part 1: "MORNING"" Written with a vengence by Joshua "Raiettei" L. Azalea Nosinev used with reluctant permission by Madison 'Rain' S.
Based on an untrue story

Brehp! Brehp! Breahp! Breahp!

The klaxon of the young doe's alarm clock was less than ideal in the earliest break of morning. “Just... just a couple more hours... please...” Mossy's voice, barely rasping out.
“Dangit, Moss! Turn that freakin' thing off! It's way too early for this LaRP!” With a pound of her hooved hand, the sharp sound ceased. Zale could still be heard complaining in the next room over.
She turned her head and slammed on the pillow. “It's only four in the morning, and already it's off to a wonderful start...” Her vision blurred, and she silently drifted back to sleep.

The next things she heard were not the most pleasant of things.

“Hurry up and get ready, Moss! School starts in a half hour!” shouted Azalea, Mossy's older brother.

At first, the words had no effect. Obviously, he's messing with me. She thought, I have at LEAST another hour, right? I mean, the clock hasn't even rang yet!
She made a quick glance at the clock out of curiosity, and made a horrifying discovery; Zale was telling the truth.

A few minutes of heroic BSOD later, Mossy sprung from her bed with a strange vigor. (as it later turned out, it was just the blood rushing to her head. But that's not really the point.) She quickly reached for her glasses... a little TOO quickly.
The ocular pair slipped from her grasp and fell behind the headboard. “Crap”

“Hurry up! Don't make me burst in there and drag you out!” Her father was a charming fellow.

She would have to deal with her glasses-problem later. Right now, it would be far more beneficial to get dressed, eh? So she headed over to her dresser. Of course she tripped over her table! What kind of story would it be if she didn't?

Mossy cursed mildly before quickly covering her mouth. Deer shouldn't swear.

After uneventfully getting dressed in her usual attire of a blue and white color-sleeve t-shirt emblazoned with the word “FReeK!” and a modestly long blue patterned skirt, she knew she had to retrieve her glasses from the dreaded underbelly of “Not on top of her bed”.

As she reached down into the horrifying abyss, Zale could be heard stomping up the stairs. “Don't tell me you're still sleeping! You've gotta go!” Just as Mossy was about to announce that she would be downstairs in a moment, the door came crashing open.

There was an equally loud thump heard when Mossys head collided with the shelf above it.

“Owwww...” She rubbed the now soft spot. Zale looked... blank? “Heh. Sorry.”

Mossy shot him a cold look, and continued the search. Azalea simply slinked out of the room, quietly saying “So you'll be right out. Good. Good.”

Her glasses were found in short order. Note to self: Clean the frigging wallspace...

She glanced at the clock, about fifteen minutes left!

Her hair needed to be tamed! No time for a braid!

Mossy's brush is species specific. Its designed to untangle the especially coarse hair of a deer. This of course, hurts like heck. Not only that, but it takes almost literally FOREVER to do.

Mossy does not have almost literally FOREVER to work with.

After a few painful strokes, it was “good enough” for her taste, and a ponytail was born.

Only nine minutes left!? How long was I DOING that!?

She rushed out the door, almost. ALMOST slipped on the stairs, and made one heckuva mad dash towards the door. The car's motor was running. Obviously, her father was waiting. He's a very patient man.

Just as she reached the door handle, Zale made an observation: “What happened to your antlers? I don't think I've EVER seen you without them.”

Mossy was conflicted. Get in the car, and not be late, thus not tarnishing whatever record she may have built up? Or forget keeping a nice attendance and keep up appearances?

Now that she thought about it, she's never told anybody except her best friend, Jyoseph, that her antlers were fake. As such, she couldn't just walk into Jenerin High without anybody noticing.
A lack of these usually-masculine objects would be definitely detrimental to any reputation that she may have had. Good or bad.

She had to go back in the house.

No matter what, nothing could keep her away from this goal.

“You're late”

Mossy's father is a very nonchalant man.


So... It's obvious to me that I haven't written anything in a LOOOONG time.

It's obvious to me that I haven't written anything GOOD in... ever!

So... what'choo think?


  1. Your writing is bad, and you should feel bad.

  2. Aww... don't be like that, Raiettei!

  3. Hey, hey!!! None of that now! I rather enjoyed it and am waiting with abated breath for the next installment. ^_^ Seriously, not bad. I really liked it a lot. I think you could probably figure out a way to fit this into the comic. :D I like the part about how her antlers are fake.