Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Legend of Rai: The Phantom Comic

Okay. Quit asking me when I update GTP. There's no answer I can give that'll satisfy either you nor me, so... yeah.

And the comic book series? I wish I knew! I'm thinking I'll simply reapply. They've not talked to me since July, so I guess I'm nonexistent to them. Fine by me, actually. They told me not to begin the project until they reply. Guess what? I'm beginning. Somebody give me a cover. I need one.

The first book will follow the online comic's first storyline intertwined with The Mark of Crypt. It'll be smoother. I've already written it up MANY times. I'm working with somebody new to me to work on speech bubbles. If anybody wants in, I'll let them into the project. No questions asked. I need all the help I can get.

The biggest roadblock I can predict, however, happens to be my other, aforementioned project, Sunrise Falls, which, as you know, is not just mine, I only draw it.


The Mark of Crypt storyline will cliffhang on a certain part. Since telling anybody not involved would be an obvious spoiler, I elect to only reveal it to volunteers. You could probably guess, though. It's already in the online version... just better (SUBJECTIVE!).

I plan on doing a personal project that will be included within the final pages of the book, as well. I mean, the only reason anybody would buy it is if they want to see a better written version of the same thing they can read for free online, or you just think I'm that awesome, right? So... this personal project will never find its way onto the Internet.

I'm not even telling you what it is!

And it's NOT character model sheets. Those will be viewed for free on my DA account later, when I get around to it. There's no reason why they should be exclusive.


I miss Talk like a Pirate Day... Which be the Sunday past, yarr.

The main reason why "Talk like a Ninja Day" never happened: "..." was all ANYBODY said... EVER.

What was THAT about? I'm ending this post... nnnnggg.... NOW!--


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