Thursday, September 3, 2009

Writing is fun!

I'm actually having FUN writing Mossy's Day!

This, to put it lightly, is surprising.

Perhaps it's because I can pump out strip sized narratives in two minutes flat, while ACTUAL strips take about two hours?

I dunno.

Maybe it's because I don't focus on Mossy that much, and I'm just now getting to know her? I'm inside of her head, and she doesn't know it. Okay. I might want to rephrase that, but whatever.

Maddi thought it was good. That's cool. She also thought that it could use more... Zale-ish-ness. I'm not doing that. Zale being Zale is... not PG rated. End of story.

No elaboration.

Anyway... that brings us to the comic.

Yeah. Three out of One Maddis agree: WE SUCK AT THIS!

The problem we have, is our lack of planning for things coming up in real life. Another problem is our inability to CONTINUE doing things after said real life passes over.

And monkey robots.
Don't forget the monkey robots.

And NOW we have the mistake of... wait for it... DRAWING EACH OTHER'S COMICS!!!

Both as birthday presents.


That's actually going smoothly for us. I draw the first few comics of Sunrise Falls, and Maddi draws the next few comics of Got the Point?. It helps when Sunrise Falls is a spinoff! ^^

I ish a happy Rai. :3

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  1. Hooraaaay! ^_^ So, when do I get to see the drawing of eachothers comics? I wanna SEE! :D